Deep ruby red.
Rich and very complex nose with blueberry and blackberry’s jam aromas, combined with balsam bursts and strong boisè notes.
Elegant and measured in the mouth, this wine has sweet tannins and an intriguing and spicy final.


Additional information


Comune di Torrazza Coste (PV)


Cold cuts, red meat, game based first dishes.


12 – 16° C


SOIL: Loamy alluvial deposits or loamy clay. Dark brown color, ranges from deep and very deep, silty-loam in the topsoil and loamy clay in the non-skeletal subsoil.
This kind of terrain isn’t calcareous and its reaction swing between slightly and weakly acid. Low organic coal, equipped with an average of nitrogen and with low availability of organic substance.
HEIGHT: 130 m. a.s.l
GRAPES: Syrah, Merlot, Croatina and Barbera, all natives.
HARVEST: Third or fourth week of September circa, when the grapes reach a satisfying maturity.
CULTIVATION SYSTEM: 20- and 25-years old vineyards, 4000 vines per hectare, two buttress guyot, grassing, organic and contained fertilization.
MAP SHEET: Sheet 3, Mappale 150, 131 and 31. Sheet 14, map 107 and 213.

Maximum grapes production: 60 q/ha Moderate average yield per vines: 1,5 kg per plant
Graduated harvest selection. Destemmed.
Indigenous yeasts. Spontaneous fermentation.
The decanting process and the oxygenation are carefully managed through seal valves. Manual harvest in 15-20 kg boxes. Manual punching down and pumping over through peristaltic pump.
50% of the mass age 18 months in steel.
50% of the mass age 18 months in 500 liters oak tonneaux.
No filtration.
Clarification for natural decanting guaranteed by the innate winter cold of the cellar.