N° 2+

Bubble with a particular personality, yellow color with slight green reflections, intense and refined perlage, herbaceous and sugary icing hints on the nose, dry and elegant on the palate with an overwhelming acidity



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Comune di Torrazza Coste (PV)


with fresh strawberries, chocolate and not too sweet desserts, such as tarts, fruit cakes and any lemon-based dessert


6 – 8 °C




SOIL: Loamy alluvial deposits or loamy clay. Dark brown color, ranges from deep and very deep, silty-loam in the topsoil and loamy clay in the non-skeletal subsoil. The organic carbon content is low, they are on average equipped with nitrogen and with limited availability of organic matter.

HEIGHT: 130 m. a.s.l

GRAPES: Autochthonous white berried variety grown and vinified by us

HARVEST: end of August, first week of September.

CULTIVATION SYSTEM: 25-year-old vineyards, planting density 3500 vines per hectare, the vine training system is Guyot with double spur, spontaneous grassing.

MAP SHEET: Sheet 2 – Map 25; Sheet 3 – Maps 37, 38 and 65



Maximum grape production: 5 t/ha, moderate yield per vine: 1.5 kg per plant

The grapes are harvested in 15 kg crates and soft pressed.

The fermentation is spontaneous without the addition of selected yeasts.

Attentive to the management of fermentation temperatures, decanting and oxygenation, the fermentation takes place in steel and at the end of this no filtrations are carried out.

The aging in steel continues until the following spring; moment in which the refrigerated must coming from the same grapes of the same vineyard and of the same vintage is added to trigger the process of second fermentation. The bottles are stationed in a horizontal position for 24 months, at the end of which, after a manual remuage, an ancient procedure which consists in progressively rotating the bottle until it reaches the vertical position, the disgorgement takes place. The topping up of this Spumante Metodo Classico takes place by adding a small quantity of wine which we refine in flor in an empty wooden barrel.

The bottles of our Spumante Metotodo Clessico Brut Millesimato, before being ready to drink, refine for a further seven months in our cellar in order to recreate a wonderful harmony.