An area on the border between Oltrepò Pavese and the province of Alessandria that influences our vision


We believe in the territory

VNA is a beautiful rural estate surrounded by vineyards and located in Torrazza Coste town, in the area called Oltrepò Pavese or “Old Piedmont”, in Lombardy. It is indeed very close to the Piedmont region and because of that we share some grape varieties such as Cortese, Barbera, and Freisa and of course it influences our vision of production.

history and tradition

We strongly believe in our territory and are not alone in this: since the Romans' time, the Vitis Vinifera L. was thriving in our land. History and oral tradition tell about our area being very suitable for the winemaking and the first written historical testimonies go back to the “Naturalis Historia” of Pliny the Elder in the first century A.D.

The vna wine

The growth of the VNA team over the years led to the creation of a solid team, heterogeneous in experience and skills.

Tommaso Gallina is the winemaker. also a pioneer in natural wine production in Piedmont.

Daniele Marchina is a skilled technician who manages and coordinates the works in the field and at the wine cellar.