Sparkling white wine
Pale yellow with light green reflexes.
The bouquet evokes sage, wild fennel, chamomile and clementine.
The taste is delicious and lively; the salt and the carbon dioxide sustain a soft and fruity center mouth.
Pleasantly persistently in the white flowers’ retro- na al return.
Contains sulfites.


Additional information


Product of Italy.
Comune di Torrazza Coste (PV)



Alc. by vol

11,5 % vol


8 – 10 °C


SOIL: Loamy alluvial deposits or loamy clay. Dark brown color, ranges from deep and very deep, silty-loam in the topsoil and loamy clay in the non-skeletal subsoil. This kind of terrain isn’t calcareous and its reaction swing between slightly and weakly acid.
Low organic coal, equipped with an average of nitrogen and with low availability of organic substance.
HEIGHT: 130 m. a.s.l
GRAPES: 50% Aromatic Malvasia of Candia and 50% Cortese, natives.
HARVEST: Second week of September.
CULTIVATION SYSTEM: 15 years old vineyards, 4000 vines per hectare, two buttress guyot, grassing, organic and contained fertilization.
MAP SHEET: Sheet 2, Map 25; Sheet 3, Map 70 and 71.

Maximum grapes production: 55 q/ha Moderate average yield per vines: 1,3 – 1,4 kg per plant
Harvest selection.
Manual harvest in 15 kg boxes. Soft pressing.
Indigenous yeast. Spontaneous fermentation.
The decanting process and the oxygenation are carefully managed.
Steel fermentation. No filtration.
Aged in steel until the following spring, the moment in which Cortese’s cold must is added to set in motion the refermentation process. Bottling and closure with crown cap.