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Intense yellow with marked golden reflections. Strong and sharp aromas of broom, ripe fruit, pine needles and sweet spice.

Full taste, structured and with a good sapidity which gives the wine tension and extension. . Great persistence on bitter herbs’ aromas and Mediterranean scrub’s notes.


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Comune di Montebello della Battaglia (PV)


Fish dishes, poaked eggs or aperitif.


8 – 12 °C




SOIL: Loamy alluvial deposits or loamy clay. Dark brown color, ranges from deep and very deep, silty-loam in the topsoil and loamy clay in the non-skeletal subsoil. This kind of terrain isn’t calcareous and its reaction swing between slightly and weakly acid.
Low organic coal, equipped with an average of nitrogen and with low availability of organic substance.
HEIGHT: 130 m. a.s.l
GRAPES: Blend of international and local grapes, natives.
HARVEST: Second week of September.
CULTIVATION SYSTEM: 10 to 50 years old vineyards, 2000- 4000 vines
per hectare, two buttress guyot, continuous and spontaneous grassing.
MAP SHEET: Different according to varieties and vintages

Maximum grapes production: from 40 to 70 q/ha Moderate average yield per vines: 1,2 – 2 kg per plant
Harvest selection variable according to the season.
Different pressing based on the product.
Indigenous yeast. Spontaneous fermentation.
Minimal decanting process and oxygenation with seal valves. Ageing period varying depending on grape variety and vintage.
No filtration.
Clarification for natural decanting guaranteed by the innate winter cold of the cellar.