N° 8

Shiny and consistent ruby red.
The fragrance recalls sour cherry, dried figs and bergamot, with a touch of wood which increase his complexity.
On the palate the sweetness – although present – is properly balanced by the acidity and the strong tannin. Long finish on the salty notes.


Additional information


Comune di Torrazza Coste (PV)


Fits well with aged cheese, chocolate, shortbreads. Also, a great choice to drink alone and between meals.


12 – 16° C


SOIL: Loamy alluvial deposits or loamy clay. Dark brown color, ranges from deep and very deep, silty-loam in the topsoil and loamy clay in the non-skeletal subsoil. This kind of terrain isn’t calcareous and its reaction swing between slightly and weakly acid.
Low organic coal, equipped with an average of nitrogen and with low availability of organic substance.
HEIGHT: Between 120 and 140 m a.s.l
GRAPES: blend of native grape varieties
HARVEST: Partial pollarding of the branches takes place among mid-September, 40% of the grapes is left to dry on the plant for 2-3 weeks.
Cultivation System: 45 years old vineyards, 2000 vines per hectare, branch renewed, continuous and spontaneous grassing.
MAP SHEET: Sheet 3,
Mappale 91 and 92.

Maximum grapes production: 40 q/ha Moderate yields per vine : 2 kg per plant circa
Manual harvest in 15-20 kg boxes. Combined harvest of dry and non-dry grapes.
Destemmed. Indigenous yeast.
Spontaneous fermentation.
Long maceration, pre and post fermentative.
The decanting process and the oxygenation are carefully managed.
Steel fermentation. Manual punching down and pumping over.
Aged in 500 liters wood barrels. No filtration.
Clarification for natural decanting guaranteed by the innate cold of the cellar.

37.5 cl bottle